New user Z axis issues when cutting

Hi All

I am a teacher and the new school Ive started work in has a Shapeoko XL. Im completely new to this machine but have some knowledge of using CNC routers in a previous school.

I have watched some tutorials and used carbide create to create a simple shape to contour to get the feel of using the program. I connected the XL with carbide motion and went through a homing sequence, so far so good.

I transferred the g code successfully to carbide motion, and set it away.

It got around a quarter of the circle shape fine but then the router suddenly shot up on the z axis and stopped moving (the spindle was still going). I have tried several times, closing and reopening the program, rehoming etc. Same thing happens, gets a quarter of the way around the circle then shoots straight up and stops moving. Carbide motion does not give an error message it just stops the progress bar.

Any ideas what the issue is?


Hi Craig,

First of all, you can contact, they will have a variety of options to get you sorted (sometimes a quick chat/video call is the most efficient).

In the meantime, we can have a look at your G-code file to see if there is anything wrong in there, or if this is something else. Can you upload your G-code file please ?


The first this I do when something odd occurs is to check to see is the machine movement doing what the GCode says to do. Meaning check that gcode simulation OR look at the Carbide Motion screen to see where this occurs (Line number) and look at the gcode manually to see if there is a Z plus (in that area of gcode) that would instruct the machine to behave the way that is behaving.


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