New version of Carbide create

Just installed it… works great, except carbide motion says the gcode is invalid.

Could we please just be able to save the files as .dxf or .svg? then I could get around the compatibility issue easily.

Right now I have a beautiful piece of work that I can’t do anything with but look at it and wish…

Save the G- code to a file rather than send directly.

That worked… it’s too early for me to brain, apparently…

Seems to be a disconnect between the new version of CC and the old version of CM — the former now sends plain-text G-Code, the latter still expects encrypted — filed a bug report on it last night.

Cool, thank you for the help :slight_smile: I’m about to post the results in my thread in the gallery :slight_smile:

Also svg and dxf describe geometry whereas gcode describes movements and other related parameters.

yes Dan… but I’m a lazy lazy man… wanted to just throw it into meshcam lol