NEW VIDEO: Making a Golf Club

Developing your own putter is an interesting exercise. Flip machining, cutter selection, adding air to a Shapeoko are all factors in this latest project from HQ.
How to Make Your Own Putter with Home CNC


Excellent inspirational video. While I will never make a golf club, there are procedural lessons to be learned.

Interesting that you use the Rule of Three. My wood shop makes a lot of one-off and prototype items. The running joke is that by the time we make the third one, we’ll have this down pat. Thing is, we only need ONE of whatever it is. So it goes.

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Refinement is one thing, functional is another.
Depends on how many times you’ve made something close to the new object. Always good to be working as a derivation of previous builds rather than “where do I start with this?!?”

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I’d love to make my dining room table two more times, but what would I do with the other two? Can’t have them strew about the property like top hats.

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“Top hats” he says. Would it be worth the candle?

Look that one up and use it in a sentence.

…so says the historian…

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Best High English accent: “A bespoke club for a game…to be played on proper grounds by gentlemen?? Would it be worth the candle for such an effort? Why should one’s time on this celestial body be spent whacking a goose stuffed leather ball about a field???”

Thanks for the history lesson on that phrase. I’d never heard it. With the top hats I was making a movie reference to The Prestige and Nikolai Tesla’s lab outside Colorado Springs.

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