New XXL and I'm breaking stuff

First casualty…the marker that comes with the Shapeoko, I should have listened to my little voice that said to go get a junker sharpie for the first test…smashed that tip right away.

Second casualty…Z axis spring. Was surfacing the wasteboard and it just snaps. I will email C3D and see if its covered.

Third casualty…Rockey 30 router lasted thru about half of surfacing before it sounded like it was throw a bearing. I stopped the operation and it sounded just as bad with no load. Once I turned it off it wouldn’t turn o again. My punishment for trying to save a few bucks. Hopefully MLCS is good about it.

  1. I killed my first marker, still no idea why, that was 2 1/2 years ago. Second time I ran Hello World it went fine, albeit my lines were fuzzy (still running same smashed marker).

  2. Spring broke? First time I’ve heard of that, but “stuff happens”. I’m pretty sure C3D will take care of it, they have great support. In the meantime you could always check the hardware store and see if they have a similar replacement to get you going.

  3. Can’t help much with the router, still running my same Dewalt since original purchase.

I had several “bumps” when first starting out. After some time they became less and less. My machine at this point is really stable, does what I tell it to, sometimes I still tell it the wrong thing.



You’ll get it all sorted, we’ve all been where you are right now.

Frustrating but your perspective is correct.

Sorry about the marker.

Yes, the spring is covered. E-mail us at

The MLCS Rocky 30 should be equivalent to a Makita RT0701 — the bearings should be as easy to replace, but agreed, this should be covered under warranty — if it’s not, let me know and I’ll stop recommending it, and we’ll edit the wiki to reflect that.

I’ll send an email about the spring.

I take full responsibility for the markers demise.

The Rocky 30 doesnt even power on now. I’ll be calling MLCS on Monday.

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Hey Will, is my marker covered under warranty? It’s only been like 2 1/2 years, I swear it wasn’t my fault :wink:

Just joking, I don’t need any more sharpie markers. Side effect of living with small children is finding markers, pencils, nerf darts, half eaten cookies, etcetera all over the house, but rarely where I’m looking for them, ha!



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