New XXL is here!

I just finished the stand for my new XXL. I don’t know what I was thinking waiting until it got here to make it. In any event, I’m ready to put it together. I’ll worry about the enclosure later. I made it out of medium gauge 2” square tubing. It’s just a cube on caster with an opening on the front wide enough for a large tool chest to slide into.


That’s pretty sweet!

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Looks great. You might want to put a drawer on it to hold all your CNC bits and accessories. Putting a shop vac and a cyclone on a 5 gallon bucket under it will be a good start too. I gotta learn to weld. Just out of curiosity… how much did the tubing cost for a table that size?

Thanks! I like drawers, too. The steel cost less than 100.00. I’m building an enclosure later.