New Z axis Cover?

I have a first generation machine that I upgraded to an XXL. I was looking into the new and improved Suckit dust collector and I noticed that in one of the videos online that the Shapeoko machine looked different then my gen 1 machine. The machine in the video has a plate over the z axis pulley. I decided to futher investigate on the Carbide site… Sure enough the photos on the Carbide site now also have this new plate.

Below is a photo of the gen 1 vs the new…

Two questions…

  1. What is the purpose of the new plate?
  2. Do I need the plate to install the new and improved Suckit?

I think I have answered my own question. Looks like the plate is for the z limit switch. I use an earlier version of the limit switches (no plate). So that just leaves the question, is the new limit switch plate needed for installing the suckit?

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From the Suckit website:

“Please note: Must have the Carbide3D limit switches installed. If you do not have the Carbide Limit Switches please let us know as additional hardware will need to be supplied.”

Sounds like to me you just need to talk to Suckit when you place your order to let them know you need the additional hardware.