Newb here...want to create American Flag Stars template

Once one has the file in place, one has to work up the math to do the inlay pieces.

Belike one will also want to add an inset path so as to make cutting out the pocket for the inlay more efficient (and less damaging to the spoilboard since Carbide Create won’t depth-limit when cutting such).

For all of that one will need some dimensions:

  • thickness of the stock
  • thickness of the inlay material (if different
  • angle of the V-bit (use taper angle when entering into Carbide Create’s tool library)

There should be some information on applying all the above (along w/ some basic trigonometry) in:

Let us know if you get stuck and we’ll work out the tricky stuff with you.

Alternately, it should be possible to just cut things out using a

Toolpath | Contour | No Offset path

for the inlay pockets, then cut out the stars using an Outside / Right Offset path which uses for the diameter the effective diameter of the V-bit at the desired thickness of cut (there’s that trigonometry I mentioned). I would suggest using a more efficient layout for the inlay stars though.

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