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I am new to cnc and need little help. I installed the bit setter and cant seem to get it to work for me. I initialize the cnc, it moves to back corner and then moves to the forward position. I hit resume and it properly goes to the bitsetter, measures and then returns. I set my zeros with the bitzero2 and start my job. When the tool change is required it just lifts up and stays in the same position. it does not post a message for tool change, just resume or stayed pause. Am I missing a step

Im running carbide motion5. My last job had three toolpaths and all needed tool changes. Im missing a step somewhere just cant figure were. Im ru

Novice user here so at the risk of sounding over simplifying I offer the following.

Create a simple design (say a circle) in Carbide Create. Make a contour tool path and save it as a G-Code file. Preview it first to make sure it looks correct.

Then go through the steps with your Bitzero and Bitsetter.

As has been often suggested verify the correct post processor selection in Carbide Create.



Be sure you have picked the correct Post Processor Under “Edit” menu “Select Post Processor”. If you have GBRL or Generic you wont get prompts for tool change. For these two post processors you have to save each tool path separately and run them one at a time.


Thank you, this is still little confusing to me and without sounding completely stupid. which processor do I choose. the options that show in edit are

Basic g-code
Carbide 3D Nomad Pro
Carbide 3D Shapeoko.

I also noticed that my output was in metrics, would that effect the my work if I create it in inches?

If you are running a Carbide3d Machine you pick Shapeoko or Nomad. Both of these machines support tool changes. If you Pick Basic Gcode or GBRL you have to save your tool paths separately and run them separately. The Basic Gcode or GBRL are for people that are not running Carbide3d machines but want to use the free Carbide Create. Carbide Motion only works for Carbide3d machines and not 3rd party machines.

Thanks Guy, much appreciated.

Got it to work…Thanks for the help… Now how about Carbide Motion. If I were to start using vetric pro, do I need to change anything to motion for the them to communicate with each other. I understand that im unable to use the bitsetter, but I can see carbide create is a little limited when it comes to creating certain designs.

To use Vectric software you simply need to select an appropriate post-processor — if you use one which supports tool changes and write out multiple files, then the BitSetter will work with it, see:

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