Newbie first post about roundovers

I am wanting to make a batch of some basic shaped pieces, sort of like a jar lid. I am wanting to do a small roundover around the smaller top part, and around the outside edge using one bit , a 1/4" flat endmill. Is this possible in carbide create? Would it be crazy to basically do about 10 passes around each edge, moving over and down just a slight bit on each pass to recreate the rounded edge? Instead of switching to a rounded bit after cutting the first “ledge” and sides of the lid?

Yes, that will work, but it’s tough to get the positioning right, and arguably you’d want to switch to a ball nosed endmill anyway.

What do you mean by getting the positioning right, my hopes were that if I start out and shave a small amount across the top of the stock and then start working my way down the piece then that would keep everything centered and in position. I will get a 1/4" ballnosed endmill to do this.
Thinking about this, are there any charts or guides that might show the right spacing or dimensions of the profile to do this?

I thought you wanted a roundover in the other direction — the one you describe is perfectly straight-forward and is described in:

My first attached sketch didn’t show up on my original post, now with that figured out, it’s probably easier to show/explain. Checking out the other post now.
Thanks for your help!