Newbie getting started

With excellent customer support, am getting a used (but supposedly never used) Nomad recently purchased running for the first time. Install new controller board today and was able to successfully Connect to Cutter. yeah! While running the Homing process for first time, spindle does a little dance for me, then ased for a tool to be inserted. After complying, I get an error message “Probing Cycle Failed”. I guess I will wait until Monday morning to trouble shoot this with customer support, but if anyone has some pearls of wisdom to share on what I could check to remedy, please do. I look forward to reading through this forum for tips and suggestions. Beginner here, Vic

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You can send an e-mail in and we’ll try to help, but yes, most of the Nomad team is off for the weekend.

One possible cause of the failure is too short a tool.

Thanks Will. I’ll research how to short a tool.

Please let us know step-by-step what happens w/ exhaustive detail. At each step we’d like to know:

  • what you did
  • what you expected
  • what actually happened

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