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I am having trouble with a V Carve design I created from a SVG. In CC Design, it looks great. When I run the job, there are little dips in the letters that should not be there. See the photos. After seeing the problem, I checked the simulation and, sure enough, the dips were there too. I recreated the the design from scratch with the same results. What am I doing wrong?
FYI - I am confident the zero is set properly.4x14 Army 301 90deg 3_8in V.c2d (115.0 KB)

OK. I think I found the root cause but my question has changed. When I had the problem, I was using a tool I added to the library. When I changed the selection to a tool that came preloaded in CC, the simulation was perfect. So… What did I do wrong when I created the tool. The tool is a Whiteside 1501. 3/8" 90 degree V bit with 0.5in flute length (measured) and 2 flutes. tool

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I don’t know if this is the cause, but I think your Flute Length may be incorrect. I’m guessing that you are supposed to use the vertical height of the flute rather than the angled length, so the flute length would be more like 3/16" (.188") in your case. However, I’m not sure why this would have an impact on the V-carve shape.

EDIT: I played around with this some more, and I think the issue has to do with the diameter of the Vee cutter you set up. The 0.5" one in the C3D library has a diameter large enough to be able to cut across both vectors in your letters, whereas the 3/8" cutter you set up does not. If you change yours to 0.5" diameter, the simulation will probably look the way you want it. So I think you will need to use a larger diameter Vee cutter (if you have one) or offset the lines in the letters and do a combination of Vee cuts and pockets to carve them. I could be wrong, but I’m sure @WillAdams will set you straight if I am.

In any case I suggest you download the latest version of CC (Build 449). The method for adding custom tools has changed, and they now use the more standard included angle rather than angle (per side), so your 90° Whiteside bit would be entered as 90° instead of 45°. Flute length is not even used in the standard form for the new version of CC.

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The first place to start with diagnosing a V carving is whether or no the preview matches the actual cut — if it does, there’s something wrong with the geometry, or the settings, or the tool definition — if it doesn’t, begin checking the machine mechanically.

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Thanks Will and Roger. I have installed the latest version of CC. Now I need help creating a new tool.
The online tutorial is for the previous version.
Thanks in advance.

Go to Help | About | Open Data Directory, then open the carbidecreate/tools directory — custom tools are stored in that in .csv files and may be backed up or saved or transferred to another computer.

See: Amana tool library and Adding tools in CC440 and later

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Perfect Exactly what I needed. Thank you!

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