Newbie here. Trying to get started

Hey yall,

I got my Shapeoko Pro XXL put together this week and was excited to fire it off this weekend. I have a slight problem…When I hit start job in Motion the router will head over to the bit setter, then back to the front middle. Once it gets to the front middle the gantry flies back to the right corner slamming into the back end plate. I am sure it has to do with a coordinate or a wrong setting. Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong?? Any feedback would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance


Does the machine initialize properly?

Did you send the correct configurations to the machine try that first/again and see what that does.


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Did you set the zero for your job?
I recommend going to the jog tab, then jog the machine to the location on the stock that you expect, then set zero.

It does initialize properly. The more I research it seems like I didnt zero in properly. Thank you for replying!

The more videos I watch, it seems like I am not zeroing right. Is it best to have the toolpath zero set to center? Like I said, I am just now getting my feet wet with this machine.

I like the front left corner, but that’s just usually what I default to.

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Where you set the zero depends on the specific needs of the job and the stock.

The recommendation is to use Lower-Left and Top of stock when first starting out.



If you still have difficulties, post the .c2d file, step-by-step notes on how you are securing your stock and setting zero relative to it, and how you are managing your tool changes and a photo showing an attempt at cutting still in place on the machine and we will do our best to assist.

Personally I use the center a lot. However you can set the lower left corner as many do. So which ever makes more sense. Because I use the center mostly I use a vee bit to set my X and Y because it is more precise than a round bit. I use the center exclusively for vcarving jobs because even if I do not measure the material dimensions correctly the carve is in the center of the stock. I use a 3 foot steel ruler and put a piece of blue painters tape in the approximate center so I dont mark up my project. I then center the X and Y and set the zero for those two. I use a BitZero to set the Z.

Whichever method you use when you start a job in CM you get the preview. Notice where your origin is and before starting a job after zeroing go to Jog and use the rapid positions to move to the X and Y zero and the Z+6mm to make sure you will starting where you want and/or expect the job to run. Measuring your material accurately is important but sometimes you can make mistakes.


I am like @gdon_2003 and set my 0 at center. I find it is far more consistent for me. I am rarely working with perfectly square material and if I am working from center then it does not matter if there are some slight irregularities in the material. Almost everything I make has waste built in and after the main carving I use the CNC to cut the part out so working from center works really well. There was also a thread a few days ago that discussed this and working from center can make sure you get the part looking exactly how you want. See this thread for some more discussion on it.

Find you some cardboard, cut it into squares and cut that for practice it’s cheap and you can get a feel for how it’s working without breaking bits and cutting big holes in your waist board.

Set your death to cut halfway through the cardboard. You can save your waist board some lines.

Looks like a great project to use the centerpoint of your material for your zero

Sorry you wasted a very nice piece of wood. Maybe a good time to cut a piece of cardboard that sides and practice with that. then you know it’ll cut right. you’ll just have to change your depths when you go to cut the wood.

It’s a little frustrating getting started. everyone’s got a story just like this.

How to Set X,Y,&Z Axis in Carbide Create | How to Zero Your Shapeoko - YouTube I think this is a YouTube video on how to set your zero

I hope some of this is helpful

Be safe and keep your hands out of the way

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