Newbie just joined

Hi folks, greetings from sunny Singapore.

Just downloaded the carbide create, and I’m very very new to CNC Router.
I managed to open an SVG file and create toolpaths successfully to make my first cuts.
Not so lucky on my second cuts (different objects/toolpaths).
No idea why the Z plunged suddenly at a pocket that’s supposed to stop at bottom of material. It plunged double the depth and into the wasteboard.

Any ideas why this has happened?

Thanks in advance.


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There was a just fixed bug relating to Z-depths — please check which version you have, update if need be, and if you still have the problem, post both the .c2d file and the generated G-Code either here or to (782.5 KB)
Here’s the Gcode.

I won’t be able to spot any errors in the Gcode as I’m not trained or schooled in this area. Hope someone here can enlighten. Thanks b

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And here’s the Carbide file.
Mox_8Grips_5GP.c2d (657.8 KB)

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Thanks very much WillAdams, I just posted the files.
Hope you folks here with better experience can help.

By the way, I just downloaded the latest version today.

I just took a look at the gcode you attached and it seems fine - I don’t see any major, odd, plunge moves. Let us know if you still have an issue on the newer version of CM.

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Thanks Adam. I’ll try it out again.
Hopefully it’s just a glitch.

I have found out the actual cause. All due to my negligence during the designing please when I duplicated vectors. The particular pocket had a duplicate hence the depth when 2x deep.
The error was stopped by a Gcode viewer called jViewer (freeware)! The problematic Gcode was uploaded to jViewer and it shows only partial simulation out toolpaths.
I went back to Inkscape and checked, and yes there were duplicates that shouldn’t be there.
Lesson learnt and thanks to all who looked and helped.

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Dang! Happened again. Cut out the first set of profiles correctly. Decided to cut another set and on its final cuts, the Z axis made a weird noise and the wasn’t able to retract fully, dragged across the almost finished material :frowning:
Can’t find out what went wrong. Very frustrating.

A common cause of weird noises on the zaxis movement is it running off the bottom of the rails, when it was cutting near the bottom of the depth did the z plate seem fully extended? Is the router mounted fairly low in the spindle bracket?

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No, the Z plate has ample space.
I used a Chinese spindle and there’s about 15mm of the spindle body sticking out of the bottom of the spindle clamp’s bottom surface.

The next thought would be belt tension. Without enough tension on the z-axis belt it’s not difficult for it to slip.

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I’ll check on this first thing in the morning, thank you.