Newbie Question on Zoom In/Out

Using carbide create and I have a mouse with roller ball - no scroll wheel. How do I Zoom In/Out with this set up? I’ve searched the boards here and looked at the keyboard short cuts. From what I have found it appears that you HAVE to have a mouse to zoom? That seems like a pretty big oversight if I understand correctly…

I have just started playing with the software - have my Shaepoko but have not assembled it yet so when I say I’m a NOOB I’m like a Super Noob!

Any help is appreciated!

Pinch/zoom on a trackpad works as well (but not on a touch screen).

I believe there might be a keyboard option — pg up/dn?

I’ll try that as soon as I get home. Do I have to have the entire image selected or anything ?
And thanks !

No, unfortunately, there isn’t a selection option which is contingent on, changes based on the selection (I’ve asked for control option 0 to zoom to currrent selection).

I believe it focuses on the current cursor position.

pinch zoom worked - thanks!

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Thanks - One other thing - Is there a way to report bugs in carbide create? I am going through the tutorials you have provided and I have run across an issue where I can create a square/rectangle and under the parameters I get the option to select the type of corner I want. However in a lot of cases if I go and select another object and then come back to the square/rectangle I get the parameters for size but lose the parms for the type of corners. I am running build 31 on Win 10. Thanks!

Please report bugs which are repeatable to us at