Newbie with a Nomad:)

Just to introduce myself,

My name is Sandra and I have a Nomad Pro. I’m not your typical CNC user (Do the words ‘power tools’ and ‘Granny’ often go together?) I have made a video on my first projects, some Christmas decorations and a jointed box, just so you can see what a complete and utter novice can do, please be kind if you watch it! ( ) One tiny suggestion for Carbide 3D - you should really look at making a waste drawer to go under the Nomad to collect the bits that drop through. Preferably one that can be accessed from the front, like an ash drawer under a log burner. For the moment, I’ve ended up putting a plastic cutting mat under the gap, so most of the bits can be pulled out on that.



Those are some nice decorations, I like the boxes especially.

For those snowflake designs, I wonder if you’d find layering interesting? For example you could make a multi-layered design like this and cut the shapes out of wood. You could then just stack and glue them and get a 3D effect or paint them different colours.

For the decorations with lights in them, maybe you could put LEDs of different colours between the layers, so that there are different lights at different depths.


Yes, lots of options! This was just testing to see if I had the correct settings for the tools and material. Now I know that’s ok, I can design more detailed things.


Welcome to the community Sandra.

Interesting use of a nail master, I had no idea they existed AND could be used for crafts too ! :slight_smile:

The waste drawer suggestion makes a lot of sense too.

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I’ve had that nail thing for a couple of years, very handy it is too. Re the waste drawer, I figure that a lot of crafters will be in relatively small spaces and having a drawer that opens from the front would be the best option. The Nomad is no light weight, so can only easily be shifted side to side ( if you have the space to do so).


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