Newbie with a question about duplicating objects as part of a single project

I am pretty new to this CNC business but I am enjoying it very much! I want to make some drawer pulls for a workbench I am building and I would like to cut out several pulls from the same piece of wood. Do I have to duplicate the pull design for each pull I will be making or is there a way to make several copies from the original like a copy/paste procedure?

You can duplicate the geometry using the copy command in Carbide Create, but you will then need to edit each toolpath and add the matching geometry to in the Toolpaths pane.

You could also do this by copying the geometry first, then set up the toolpath(s) for each stage of the cut for all the drawer pulls in the wood.

Alternatively, use a corner fence to ‘permanently’ set the X and Y axes (the Z axis should be the same if the wood is a constant thickness) and then repeat the cut for each drawer pull.

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