Newby question Please

Newbie question.
Trying to recreate the CC logo I have tried Boolean and node edit. Not able to delete the remainder of my square.

How can I do it???
Carbide Logo.c2d (14.6 KB)

Thanks in advance

Personally, there may be an easier way…
Carbide Logo Polyline.c2d (25.0 KB)

→ Select All
→ Copy and drop next to original piece
→ Group original art and leave there
→ Create polyline and trace features you want on copied version
→ Delete what you don’t want on copied version
→ Select copy version and group together
→ Aline with original version (if you need to keep it in the same spot)
→ Delete original version and ungroup copy for tool paths

Boolean operations need to overlap.

Select the inner geometry:

Node edit:

Delete (or move) one node which will allow the parts to overlap as desired:


Select the outer shape:

shift-click on the inner shape to make it the key object (indicated by a dashed highlight):

Boolean subtract:

If using a version of Carbide Create which doesn’t tidy up, delete the inner geometry:


Thank You Thank you. Was trying to do more than one vector at a time