Newest addition to the Shapeoko setup: SuckIt dust boot

Finally got around to installing my dust boot and so far I like it.



So what are you using for clamping there?


that does look smart! I need to add one to mine - your Shapeoko looks so clean compared to mine

This is a timely post as I just installed my boot last night:

Although I must admit I had some trouble getting the support arms to slide smoothly in the track as there was some flash I the black brackets, and the acrylic backplate has some questionable machine marks (not sure how flush it’s supposed to sit in the track):

Lastly, I had two of these bushing nuts left over, did you?

I’m happy with how my suckit dustboot went together though the video could have been more helpful. I know one part mentioned the ‘front’ of a piece but there was no context for which side was the front, figured it out but throwing an ‘f’ on there or just showing a closeup of the front would have helped.

I installed these bushings on the bottom of the arm support brackets… no extras for me when I assembled things. You must have had extras.

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Did you have 2 or 4 of these bushings in your kit? They are used to clip the bottom of the slides to the bottom of the z plate. Which is really poorly shown in their docs.

I broke my right side track in a crash, but an email to them and they are sending replacement parts… I do think I would be happier if it was made out of aluminum instead of the acrylic, but it does seem to work well.

My kit came with four bushings. Two went to holding the bottom of the z axis gantry support brackets. Everything seems to be complete so I’m assuming they’re spares.

I found the official video helpful otherwise:

Next step is finding some light weight vacuum hose from McMaster-Carr as suggested by another forum member and coming up with a cyclonic separator rig (likely just buying the $100 Oneida Dust Deputy kit).

They were 3d printed from this design:

Here’s another that I’ve been meaning to try:

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