No feedrate indicator?

New to Shapeoko so i apologize for the rookie question.

I see in motion where i can increase/decrease the feedrate, but after clicking the buttons a few times i loose track of where i’m at. Is there anyplace or anywhere that i can have the current feedrate displayed in Carbide Motion?

It should provide the current feed rate which will fluctuate as the machine accelerates/decelerates.

And you get an readout of the % change, 100% being no change, 150% being 50% faster, 50% being 50% slower. So if you can do a little basic math in your head, moving decimal points and multiplying by small numbers you can figure the max speed.

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In all honesty i used Motion for less than 5min to run a single test cut. I was so focused on making sure nothing crashed i must have missed where physically on the screen it displayed anything related to current speed. I’ll have to look more closely tonight.

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Far left side for speed info. Far right side for the % increase / decrease / default buttons.

Not for nuthin’ but the CC software designs are a bit lacking in user interface experience.

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