No homing switches on older shapeoko 3

Hello - I just bought a used Shapeoko 3. It doesn’t appear to have homing switches, so I can’t initialize the machine in Carbide motion. Any suggestions how to use Carbide Motion without limit switches?

The previous owner demo’ed the machine for me, and it worked well. I’m not sure how he got around the initialization (I have a request into him).

Also, do all shapeoko 3s (even older ones) support homing switches if I install them? I haven’t yet dug into it.


So there are some really first generation SO3 that did not have homing switches. You will have to research the maximum revision you can use without homing switches. Not sure if C3D has an archive but once you figure out the version you need you can ask here on the forum and a lot of people have old copies of Carbide Motion.

Another option is to upgrade to the proximity switches. If your Shapeoko is really old you may have to buy a new controller as well. The homing switches are well worth the upgrade. You can also add the BitSetter and/or BitZero but they do require a minimum version of the controller.

If you dont want to spend any money then there are other 3rd party gcode senders. You could still use Carbide Motion but just use a generic/gbrl post processor and not a Shapeoko. The Shapeoko post processor assumes a BitSetter and if you dont have one it is an exercise in frustration.

The SO3 is a good machine but if it is an early one you will also have a belt driven Z. Those work but can easily skip steps if you get too aggressive with your feeds and speeds.

Good Luck and ask your questions here on the forum.

Most likely the computer was running Carbide Motion 3 and your machine has Grbl 0.9.

You can get Carbide Motion 3 from:

Note that that will need to be manually configured.

The ideal would be to update the machine to have homing switches:

(note that both the Z-axis upgrades include homing switches)

Please let us know at and we will do our best to assist.

Thanks Guys! I had looked for the older Carbide motion and didn’t think to look further down the page where the Motion V3 link is quite evident.

I plan to install limit switches…but I’m impatient and want to use the machine now :-). I will get some ordered today or tomorrow. I have a 2.4e board and have what looks to be the switch hook ups.


Make sure that you have the PCB Expansion Adapter — if you don’t have it, you’ll need a replacement controller — let us know at if you need that link.

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