No Jog in Motion menu bar

Newbie to CNC and Carbide. Set up my 5 Pro and trying to run my Hello World job. I don’t see the Jog in my Motion screen. I’ve watched the videos about zeroing and they show Jog in the menu and how to use the buttons. I tried loading a job, ran intialize and thankfully took the pen out. I since have removed my bitsetter off the table. What am I missing?

Jog should be hidden until after the machine is successfully initialized.

If you initially configured with a BitSetter and have removed it you will need to power up and connect to the machine and go to Settings and disable the BitSetter under options, then initialize.

Thanks, Will Adams. I was afraid it’d be something simple.

Okay, I’ve tried to reset with my BitSetter and the spindle buries itself on my BitSetter and a warning box pops up. I reclicked to enable BitSetter, exited Motion, restarted Motion and reinitialized. My spindle still buries itself on my BitSetter.

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