No lights on board or power supply

Hi all, I could use some help. I have finally gotten around to assembling my SO3 XXL and when I try to connect I get no lights on the board, and the computer does not recognize anything being plugged into the USB port. Here is what I have found so far:
If I plug in the power supply to 110v from the wall but do not plug it into the S03 the power supply lights up
If I plug the power supply in the S03 no lights on the SO3 board or the power supply
If I switch off the power supply and plug it into the S03 while it is still lit up green for a few seconds I get a quick blue LED flash on the board followed by nothing. The computer (windows) does not ever see anything and I cannot connect with carbide motion.
This is the first time trying to power it up it has never been plugged in or ran before.

Any ideas? thanks in advance,


So I kept at it, and if I slowly pull the plug from the socket on the SO3 I can get a solid blue light and the computer will recognize the machine. Is there a good fix for this? It is right on the border of falling out when I can get it to stay on, and I am pretty sure that actually running a program will cause it to vibrate out. Also when I turn the power back on with the plug fully inserted in the SO3 I hear a chirping sound coming from the power supply at about 120 Hz.

I think your diagnosis is pretty simply… “It. Be. Broke.” - A quick message to Carbide3D will get it fixed pretty quick.


We have basic pages on this at: and but if they don’t address things, drop us a line at and we’ll do our best to help you sort this out.

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