Sorry, but this is no longer available for sale.

I am truly saddened by this post, Peter. I am so sorry to see you selling up. What a pity that Carbide 3D could not fix your random issues. :frowning_face:

If you should ever invest in another CNC machine, I will grab a ringside seat so that I can watch you struggling. :rofl:

Phone if you can manage to find time because you have no excuses now as you are not using your CNC machine. :grin:



What a shame. And how tempting your machine is. I pass you often on trips from Clarkson-land to Bristol, and would have liked to have dropped by and helped, or at least witnessed your woes.

I wish you well.

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Thank you both for your kind words.

I’m still hoping Carbide 3D can resolve what they consider to be user error, but I’ll still be around until I manage to sell the Shapeoko (sorry :joy:)

It’s only for sale on this forum for now, but I’ll list it elsewhere in due course.

Gerry, you’re more than welcome to visit, drink some tea, and laugh uproariously over this non-issue, as are you, Jeff :+1:

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Assam, made in a pot, without sugar and with full fat milk please. Of course, a tasty morsel or two would not go amiss. Say… Thursday Cottage Blood Orange Marmalade (thick cut peel) along with some fine Devonshire clotted cream to go with some freshly made scones.

Another day (Sunday) we might then repair to a nearby local hostelry for beer and a fine Sunday Roast dinner while we all laugh at your predicament. :wink:


I’ll think on that, and let you know.

You’ll have to bring the assam, marmalade, full fat milk, cream and scones, but I could probably find somewhere that does a roast!

I’ll let you know when I find out where :rofl: :rofl:

Good night :+1:

EDIT: I’lll give you a call tomorrow, if I remember!


No problem. :smiley:

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From the middle of the USA I am sorry to see you depart. I have enjoyed reading your missives about your CNC journey.

No tea for this foreigner as I never got past milk, water & orange juice :slight_smile:


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Thank you, Bill.

It was quite a journey, wasn’t it!

Stay safe, my friend :grinning:

Proper order! Always kick a man when he is down… before he can get up. :rofl:

Chipping Norton? Lucky guy, Gerry, if you are living anywhere near there.

I’ve just watched Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon Prime TV, and I loved it.

You weren’t dressed up as the sheep that kicked him in the privates, were you? :rofl: :rofl:


Thanks for the recommendation. I will give it a look later when I am relaxing…

Not me sir… here is some classic Jeremy. Two minutes of fun in Colombia. It is Clarkson’s expression about 34 seconds in that got me. His look of quizzical interest turning to incredulity when he realises what is happening. The Grand Tour Colombia special | Farmers mate with donkeys - YouTube


Right in the middle of said town, yes.

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That comment was for Gerry. You’d probably do it after Clarkson had already been kicked in the privates :rofl:

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That’s me all over… plum stomping a speciality. :grin:

Shame you can’t ship it to NZ, that sounds like a great setup. Although it also sounds like you’ve been having problems (I’m new here so I’m not up to speed with what’s been going on, apologies).

Hi Steve,

To be honest, I think this is a software problem, rather than a hardware issue, so I’m going to try using a different CAM application (CNCjs, maybe?)

I expect shipping to NZ to be horrendous, although I’m willing to find out, if you are interested?

No matter, if not.

Hi Peter,

Well I’ve yet to make the leap, I’m trying to sell something here in NZ so I can justify the expense of buying a new toy to the wife!
But if you have the time it would be interesting to know what it would cost, because that’s pretty much a turn key setup and it’s the same voltage as we have here.