No longer prompting probe for tool change

New Carbide Create is no longer poping up and prompting a Z probe for tool change or on file run start. It just pauses and lets you hit continue. Still works if loading files from Meshcam, so I don’t think it’s the Carbide Motion software. Seems to only happen from Carbide Create files.

If you just installed a new version check your post processor. If you have generic gbrl selected you wont get any prompts. Be sure you have selected Shapeoko and/or Nomad depending on which machine you have.

I have noticed that later versions of CC do not have Shapeoko/Nomad selected by default.

If the Shapeoko/Nomad was not selected select it. Go back and edit your gcode and save again and you should get the prompts for your configuration with BitSetter.

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Ah ok that could be it. How do I change that?

My computer is tied up right now so I cannot open cc. On the menu bar at top is a pull down that shows post processor menu. Pick your c3d machine.

I believe I had this same issue if I didn’t create a new group in the “Tool Paths” every time I used a new bit. If there was a bit change within the group it would just pause and then as soon as you press continue it starts cutting again without setting the depth. When you separate the bit changes in different groups it has always prompted a Z probe.

This is changed using Edit | Select post processor in Carbide Create.

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That fixed it thanks.

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