No Router with my new shapoeko

Hi, I have just received my new Shapeoko XL but there doesnt look like there is a router with the pack. Please doint tell me that it doesnt come with one after me paying over $2000. The advert says that it is ready to go a soon as it arrives. Please help

I too was very PO-ed when My machine arrived without a router. I phoned shapeoko …no help. Just ordered one off of amazon. I haven’t spent a dime with them since…probably wont. They need to make the website\order screen clear.

I just went to the website and they have 2 options for the Shapeoko Standard, XL and XXL. The dropdown menu when ordering is quite clear that one option is for a “naked” machine and the other option contains the router.
I believe that Carbide 3D wants your CNC to be the CNC that appeals to you, the individual, and not a “one-size-fits-all-take-it-or-leave-it” purchase. If you peruse the forum, you will find a multitude of ways that people have customized their machines and to most of those folks that flexibility is the key.
My 2¢ FWIW


Very sorry to hear about this difficulty/misunderstanding.

The basic machine is ready to go for folks who already have a router (and a suitable worktable, and eye/hearing protection, and a shop vac)

Anyone who has any concerns about this should write in to and we’ll do our best to work this out with you.

Yep the basic Shapeoko does not come with a router, it is clear that the router is an option but maybe you missed that.

I suggest you get the Makita router that Carbide 3D does not sell as IMO, it is a better product that either the Dewalt or the Carbide routers, just check here for router issues and you will see very little issues with the Makita. In addition to the reliability, it has a better speed range (10 to 30K) and is less noisy. You can get one for about $100 which is very little when you compare it to the overall cost.

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I would like to get official confirmation on this… when the Carbide3D router was announced I asked what the differences were cf the dewalt and Makita. @WillAdams believed it was exactly the Makita RT0701C router but just unbranded made by Makita and had a usefully longer power cable.

Is this true or not?


I don’t have a Makita to compare to the Carbide Compact Router, but to me it looks like a replica (I don’t want to say knock-off) of the Makita. The cord is quite long and it does not come with the base that we don’t use anyway. The other giveaway is that the speed ranges are not exactly the same as the Makita. It’s slowest speed is definitely slower than the DeWalt, but not quite as slow as the Makita (11-12k rpm vs. 10k for the Makita and 16k for the DeWalt. It’s quieter than the DeWalt as well and comes with 2 sets of replacement brushes (at least mine did).

It’s supposed to be the same (modulo the speed difference — not sure on the specifics about that, check in at — just longer cord and no unnecessary accessories — we pay extra to get the same electronic speed control circuitry the Makita has which the MLCS Rocky 30 omits.

Well according to Carbide specs, the low speed is 12,000 top 30,000 RPM, this tells you that while similar as they use the same collets and has the same diameter, it is not the same plus the fact that people have reported problems with them dying soon after purchase they are not the same. Maybe someone would like to take the two apart and compare them. You save a bit of money with the Carbide as it is priced slightly lower but you do not have a the router base and accessories that could be useful if you don’t have a trim router.

@luc.onthego… this is exactly why I am trying to to get a definitive answer from Carbide3D themselves. From what I can see the MCLS Rocky 30 is a 1hp router whereas the Makita RT0701C is 1.25hp

Carbide3D do not mention what power (hp) their router is at all. But if it is the unbadged Rocky 30 from MCLS it will be only 1hp I suspect.

The information so far does not quite add up… but to me right now it seems that the Makita is somewhat better than the alternatives at $99 from amazon or Home Depot etc. (or even a factory conditioned one at $79)

An interesting much cheaper option - which said to be same as the MCLS Rocky 30 is from Grizzly at only $50 ! Anybody tried this?

Grizzly T27139

The MLCS Rocky 30 removes electronic speed control circuitry from the unit which both the Makita RT0701 and Carbide Compact Router.

The Grizzly is listed at: — I suspect it’s like the MLCS Rocky 30 in that it removes the speed control circuitry to reduce costs.

Anyone who is having issues with a Carbide Compact Router should contact us at — it’s supposed to be a drop-in replacement for the Makita, and we will stand behind it to ensure that no one who has purchased one feels disadvantaged by that choice.

@WillAdams Regarding the Carbide Compact Router (CCR) being a “drop in replacement” for the Makita, the speed range is a notable difference. Not only are the min and max speeds different, but the speeds that the numbers on the speed control knob relate to are different. Since I’ve seen the speed control number referred to in feed & speed charts, it would be nice to add the CCR’s numbers to any charts in the future.

Also, by “speed control circuitry”, I assume you mean circuitry that maintains speed under varying loads, correct?

I made an updated chart — just waiting for it to get uploaded to

The speed discrepancy may be related to a particular batch of units, or perhaps it’s an explicit choice — haven’t seen an explanation of it — you’d have to check in w/ @robgrz / @edwardrford / @Jorge

Yes, the speed control circuitry maintains a requested speed as specified by the dial as the load on the spindle varies.

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I guess i should have been more clear…
I guess it was advertising like this and every other picture on the website that had a DeWalt router installed. I was also absolutely sure that I had checked the box for DeWalt router. I also waited almost 2 months for delivery and, being Canadian I had to pay crazy exchange and hefty shipping. As I recall it was close to $2500 and I still had to find another $250 for a router.

It might have helped if the receipt had said that I had chosen the “NO ROUTER” option.

Thanks for taking the time to come to Carbide’s defense and point out how stupid we were to have not seen the obvious choices

Being Canadian too, I feel for your exchange HST and exorbitant transport brokerage fees. I transported mine across the border and saved big but it still hurts.

As far as the router is concerned, let me save you $$$ check this out, $125 Canadian (sub $100USD) with free delivery.

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Thanks. yeah i missed that one ok. I have managed to source a makita here in Australia that will do the trick. Thanks for all those who replied to my thread, much appreciated.

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