No simulation showing

I’m just starting out here with carbide Create. Just using a simple square and a 1/8th end mill. Set top of stock and cut depth. When I hit simulation I don’t see any cut. What are the likely things I don’t have set correctly? Thanks in advance.

What size is the square?

What depth of cut did you set?

Post the file?

I think it’s 6 in. square. The depth is set at .5 in. (83 Bytes)

Please post the .c2d file, not the G-Code file.

square.c2d (6.4 KB)

Hi Kirk,

Your toolpath has no selected vectors associated to it, see how the square appears as black:

Edit the toolpath, click on the square, it will show in orange color, then click OK.

Simulation is then correct:


Got it. Thank you!!!