No tools library when upgrading to v7

How do I get a tool library in v7 like I had in earlier versions


If you mean v3 or early v4, then you will have to re-enter all the tools — how tools are stored changed.

Custom tool libraries in current versions require that one first make a user tool library:

and then one can right-click and add tools to the library:

I just want to add the libraries that were provided from older versions, I lost my computer drive so lost older version. I would be happy to just go back to old version if I could download and install it.

The only older version we have is v6:

Can’t you restore from a backup?

I hope you are backing up your computer now. I used to go and fix apple computers at schools and homes. When I replaced the hard drive I would restore the OS and people would ask me where thier data was. I would point to the old drive and suggest they restore from thier backup. Mostly I got blank stares and some crying.

Similar to buying a good tool, cry once when buying and not everytime you use a cheap tool. Get some backup software and backup your data. The drive WILL fail again the only question is when.

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I like the new method. However I have never used the old method. :slight_smile: The custom tools are just stored in a CSV file which I can open with a spreadsheet program, I find this very easy to manage these libraries, create libraries, add bits, bulk update, organize, import and backup. Thanks :slight_smile:

The wish list items are:

  • That if I add a information in an existing column that CC does not use for custom bits, CC will remove that information the next time I do a tool edit via CC. IE I like to fill in the data for the URL to the tech data for that custom bit, just like C3D does. but CC deletes that info :frowning: It would be nice if CC would only update the fields it uses and not delete other data in the file. Or equally use the data for Custom bits as it does in C3D bits
  • The other is, I wish you could copy / sync these files to CM so the tool changes prompts you for the bits by name like it does for C3D bits. CM only knows the C3D bits :frowning:
    I have learned it is not good to get confused with just a number and put in the wrong bit. :frowning:

I love the OPEN easiness of these CSV files.
IMHO :slight_smile:

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