No V-bit simulation?

So I just downloaded the new carbide create and must say it has improved a lot.
I still find it cumbersome a bit and really needs a trim vector tool, Boolean is really hard.
Anyhow, why does it not preview a v bit, it would be helpful to know you are choosing the right tool path.

Can’t help on the “trim vector tool” (write it up and submit it as a feature request).

To preview a V-bit, one has to enter it. Please see the beginning of:

(EDIT: and use a V-carve path)

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Yes, but you cant view a contour cut done with a Vee bit.

Correct. Please file that as a bug report / feature request w/

I’m finding this in Carbide Create – if I create a contour toolpath with a vee-bit, in the simulation, the sides of the cut are vertical. I see this thread goes back two years – was this ever resolved? Thanks…

No, Carbide Create only properly previews a V endmill when used for a V carving.

Use CAMotics for a preview of a contour toolpath cut with a V endmill.