Node editing with arrow keys

is there a way to incrementally move nodes with the arrow keys or in a fixed plane? I’m used to being able to hold shift and it will lock my movements into straight lines up or down or at a 45 on other programs.

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I like this one. There are times when I want to move a node a specific distance, or in a specific direction, or both. If the arrow keys worked the same as they do for moving a vector, that would be nice.

For now, you can use a combination of the grid & temporary objects.
For example, if I want to move a node 0.337 to the left, I can set the grids to 0.337, move the entire vector so that node is on a grid, move the node to the next grid, then move the vector back to where it was. OR… I can create a polyline, scale it to 0.337 & move it to the node I wish to edit. Then edit the node, zoom WAY in & move the node to the other end of the line. (Snap to node would also be really cool here!!!)


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