Nomad 3 aluminium 3D roughing recipes

Just wondering if we can get a small repository of sorts going for people to share their recipes, with a focus on maximum MRR.

With some help from provencut, I’ve been using a high WOC/(very) low DOC recipe with Datron 6mm single flute endmills: 0.25mm DOC, 5.3mm WOC, 2200 mm/min for a MRR of about 3.5 cm^3 per minute in 7075-T6. I run it a little harder when milling 6082, going about 2500 mm/min. Even at 170% override, these settings don’t stall the spindle though you can clearly hear that the machine isn’t happy and the steppers can start skipping steps. So I know 2200mm/min is reliable. Using these settings, the Nomad roughs out the little roughly 85mm diameter/17mm thickness stock that I use for the airgun mags I make in about 1.5 hours of spindle time, with good chips forming and no chatter (using Fusion 360).

However, I’m wondering if I can get better MRR by going low WOC/high DOC on, say, the standard 1/8 inch #102 endmill. I’ve tried that in the past but couldn’t find a recipe that didn’t create a massive amount of chatter and noise, so I figured the Nomad 3 just didn’t have the rigidity to get it done and settled on the above recipe.

What have your experiences been using deeper cutting adaptive strategies on the Nomad?

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I spent a very long time coming up with recipes on the nomad and can confirm, Low doc high woc. The nomad doesnt have the rigidity to do high doc without chattering like crazy or bogging down. Some of my feeds and speed in here Thoughts on how to get past the z repeatability limits - #12 by Robthatguy
The machine can be pushed quite a bit harder but those there are safe feeds and speeds you can use without chip welding yourself to death.

For those that dont want to go searching around in the post


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