Nomad 3 Demo in Portland, OR area?

My company is considering the Nomad 3 for fabricating small plastic parts and possible PCB milling.
Is there anyone in the Portland, OR area with a Nomad 3 that I could set up a demo with?

I’m newer to CNC milling so I think getting to see the Nomad 3 in action would be valuable in giving me a idea of how the process of creating a part would be like and whether a desktop CNC is what we really need.

I also have some general questions: How tight a tolerance the Nomad 3 can maintain. Is +/-1 mil reasonable with the Nomad 3? How fine of a resolution in the XYZ directions is the Nomad 3? Is the Nomad 3 suitable for working with PCBs?

When we had a formal specs page up:

it noted:

Mechanical Resolution .0005 in
Mechanical Repeatability .0015 in
Mechanical Accuracy .005 in/ft

We’ve had a number of folks use Nomads for making PCBs:

and depending on the trace size you need and substrate you wish to use, it should work well.

Please write in to for further details.