Nomad 3 door clearance

Hi folks - I’m taking delivery of a Nomad 3 next week, and I’m preparing bench space. I’d like to know how much clearance is needed above the unit, including what’s needed for the door. However, in all the promotional photos and videos I can’t find a single picture of the Nomad with the door open. Could anyone help me out with a pic or point me in the right direction?

About 75-80 cm. should be enough. That is: machine + opened door
Clearance above: 35 cm

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I have a shelf that I want to put the Nomad partially beneath. The critical thing for me is to know how far the open door extends to the back of the machine. That is, if the machine is against a wall with shelf at 45cm above it, how wide can the shelf be before it impedes the door?

I am not sure I understand.
45cm is more than the 35cm you need, so the shelf will not impede the door no matter how wide it is.

To clarify: the shelf/cabinet is 45 cm above the bench, just two centimetres above the Nomad, which according to spec clocks in at about 43cm. The question is how wide the shelf can be while still allowing the Nomad door to open.

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As long as the door can clear vertical and put its center of gravity against something stable it should be fine — I had a bit of cloth I draped across the front edge of a shelf which my Nomad wouldn’t clear when opening the door so that the edge of the shelf wouldn’t rub against the plastic.

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I see. In that case 16 cm max.