Nomad 3 Expanding build volume

I’m looking to expand the X-axis (and if this works Y-axis later) space on my machine so I can handle pieces around 12". I’ve been looking into getting longer linear rails and a stepper with a longer feed screw on it. I was curious if anyone else has looked into this or done it before to get some tips. I know I would need to modify the frame to make it wider as well to handle the longer rails. I haven’t yet looked into the software to be able to tell the system it has more room. I just didn’t want to spend the time/money if this isn’t something that is possible.

Our software is hard-wired for Nomad dimensions, so you’d need to use something other than Carbide Motion.

A much better option if you need a larger build volume is an SO5 Pro 2x2, or an HDM — just build an enclosure.

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