Nomad 3 first job dead spindle (I think)

Hi all, I got my machine before 3 days didn’t had the time to test it until today, I created a small stamp job and start machining on brass, it start smoothly and great and looked normal, on the last 4 mins (whole job was 1 hour ) the spindle just stopped but the machine kept going so I had to stop it before something else happen.

I tried to make the spindle to work by all options I tried restarting, creating new job, tried spindle on\off on the Jog tap no luck.

I am from Saudi Arabia I had to wait for the “excpected shipping time” + another shipping company to get it to Saudi which cost me 1500 USD

this made me very regretful. because I could’ve bought a chinese cnc machine with much much more cheaper cost, but I trusted the American made machine.

I sent to the carbide support team, didn’t get an answer yet but I am really not optimistic cuz I think there is more time and cost for this

the Carbide support team is pretty good (in my experience), if they dont respond within a few days, just send them a follow up email.

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