NOMAD 3 full specs

Looking for a sheet or more info on my Nomad 3 specs…more specifically speeds. I am programming and just looking to set some base recipes.

Max traverse speed…?

Rapid vs. Feed speed max / min…?

I was searching around for this on the site and didnt’ see it…also the main page still takes you to the old 883 with it’s specs, can’t find the high level specs unless you go to the “Shop” page, just an FYI :slight_smile:

Can’t freaking wait to get my 3 in and start making chips!



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They haven’t been published but I wouldn’t expect max speeds to have changed, they haven’t mentioned any changes to the lead screws or steppers except for new anti-backlash nuts.


Do you know where to find those numbers? Sorry to ask…I have been looking :slight_smile:

Might try just sending them an email and asking?



The 883 Pro specs can be found at

I believe the only changes are:
Spindle power 150W
Spindle speed 9000 - 24000 rpm
and perhaps they bumped up the power supply to handle the bigger spindle motor.

Like you I have been working in advance of receiving the 3. All my g-code files are ready and materials are in. Just waiting for a delivery date… Hopefully I was one of the first orders to be entered.



The max speeds are in GRBL, maybe someone with a stock Nomad can grab them for you.


Thanks so much Bob! Yes I ordered within a few mins of it being open…once I found it was in the shop page…I thought the main page would be updated but still shows the 883? Hope they change that. Really hoping for some more material Monday vids with these new spindle speeds and some fun content.

Good luck to you, this will be my first personal CNC. I have been on industry machines for years…so need to curb my expectations a bit. :slight_smile:




For my Nomad 883 Pro the max acceleration values were:

(527): <- $112=1270.000
(526): <- $111=2600.000
(525): <- $110=2600.000

Thank you!! great info, much appreciated

Based on this video, hopefully they start shipping anytime this week.


A stock 883 Pro could easily be pushed to double what GRBL settings were. I believe close to 300ipm was possible.

The new Nomad 3 anti-backlash nuts might have extra tension compared to the 883 pro sprung units. However, it should be able to run 150ipm all day (guesstimate)

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That sounds like a fun idea. I might try it on mine and see how high I can get it before the steppers come close to stalling. I think the acceleration will be the big problem though, not the speed.

I have no idea what I’m doing but it went to 12m/min and 800mm/s^2 without exploding.

Anyone want to comment on what issues I’m likely to see if I leave it like this? I’m not super worried because if it breaks I’ll have a good excuse to swap stuff out with ballscrews and linear rails.

Worse case you’ll skip steps and ruin stuff, mostly annoying. Might damage one of the plastic AB nuts.

My 400step/mm ballscrew setup runs a 150 ipm max rapid.

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I don’t think missing steps will be a problem unless I rapid into something, in which case it’s probably better to lose steps than the alternatives.

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