Nomad 3 & Fusion 360

Hi, I’m getting a head start designing some parts and their work holding fixtures while I wait to place my order for the Nomad 3. I’ve previously used a Nomad 883 Pro and I need to tweak Fusion 360 for the “3”. Is it too early to be asking?

Fusion 360 Machine Configuration:
I created my own for the 883, if I were to send screen shots of all the settings could someone help with the differences for the 3?

Fusion 360 post processor:
I was using a file named carbide3d.cps for the 883. Will there be an updated post processor for the 3?

Feeds & Speeds:
The Nomad 883 feeds & speeds table for 0.125" mills has been of great help. Will this be updated for the 3? Some materials could handle the 24K rpm, others may not. Approximately twice the spindle power will increase most DOC, Feeds and plunges unless the axis motors can’t keep up.

Thanks in advance for any details, I understand if this needs to wait till the 15th.


I think it’s too early to be asking right now but:

From what I know so far, the only major change here is the spindle, which we know is 150W and goes up to 24k RPM. Everything else is the same as far as I know (e.g. working area).

I’d guess not, it still uses a GRBL-based controller so I wouldn’t expect much to change here.

We’ll have to wait and see for that too. My hope is that @wmoy can do some new MaterialMonday videos with the new machine. I found those videos to be the bible as far as Nomad feeds and speeds when I started out.


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