[Nomad 3] HSMAdvisor

What is the model of the motor used on the Nomad 3? I’d like to set up a torque curve configuration on HSMAdvisor so I can more confidently generate feeds and speeds that don’t exceed the spindle’s capabilities. I can make guesses but it would be best to have a spec sheet!

I’m pretty sure that if you open up the machine, or just it up, or use a mirror to look at the back, you’ll find that we didn’t bother to remove the manufacturer’s label and that you’ll be able to look up the motor specifics thus.

Hi @WillAdams! I checked the motor pretty thoroughly before opening this topic. Unless the label is under the end cap bearing cover tape or on the mounting face of the motor there is no such label on mine. There are no markings on the outside of the case at all. I’m hesitant to remove the motor from the cutter head to look at the face for a label.

Darn, my apologies.

Please check at support@carbide3d.com — or maybe @Jorge or @wmoy can answer.

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