Nomad 3 info, plus something else


So… who’s excited?

Both the Nomad and Shapeoko pro include a number of features you guys (and gals) have been asking for :slight_smile:


reading breathlessly and checking my toy budget :wink:


I think they both look way cool. HDZ for Shapeoko Pro? I am more curious about the new electronics. Any additional info on it? You guys said it was not a drop in replacement. What is different?


Lots of internal changes for EMI performance + a change to a 4-layer PCB. The connectors were changed to make the wiring easier to fabricate and to install for the user.


It will be supported as an add-on but we need to make adapter plates and work out how it will be offered - due to all the changes it’s not as easy as a direct bolt on item. As Rob states “We want to make sure we get one size totally dialed in before trying to ship the full product line.”


Very cool. I realize that you are probably focused on getting the Nomad 3 and Shapeoko Pro out. I’m interested in the new electronics if you ever decide to sell it separate. Having to replace connectors or make adapters doesn’t scare me. I have been chasing an inconsistent EMI issue since I have owned my Shapeoko 3. It’s pretty rare and not repeatable so I have never bothered support.


A fellow Mass Effect fan? Shoot me an email to support@carbide and let’s get your disconnect straightened out


Are those 15mm GT2 belts?

Yes they are. (20 characters needed)


Excellent, good upgrade, are you using the Gates belts or a third party?

I have found the Gates to be rather expensive over here but in volume in the US might be a different story.


They’re third-party belts.


Well done lads!

I see you’ve picked up the “oh, and one more thing…” technique from a certain Cupertino-based fruit company!

As an XXL owner, I think my path is still adding on bit setter and HDZ once I have my pennies saved, but I like it–both Nomad 3 and ShapeOko Pro are compelling offerings.


Are there any plans to make the new control board available to existing Shapeoko machines? I would definitely be interested, especially if it has built in proximity switch, bitsetter and bit zero support instead of using daughter boards for those. If it comes loaded with a variety of PWM pins, that would be a bonus!

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Do you think linear bearing will be offered as an upgrade for older shapeoko 3 xxl in the future?

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No mention about accuracy…so, better, worse, same? Meaning do I need to use my RFPPS system to get 0.001 (or better) precision…

This guy is super excited! So looking forward to getting a Shapeoko Pro as soon as possible. I have been meaning to order the XXL but things have been taking precedence for various reasons. The wife is on board, the money is ready, so let’s just call it divine intervention! :smiley: As a semi-pro content creator I’m excited to make content on the new machine, too! How can I get on the waiting list for one? :slight_smile:


Shapeoko Pro…VERY Nice! I love my Shapeoko XL, which I’ve had for almost a year. I’m committed to it and it’s here to stay. But knowing what I know now, If I was starting out fresh, I’d drop the extra money in a heartbeat for the Pro.


Should be the same, minus whatever deflection you might have had with v-wheels vs linear rails.

We’ll keep updating when they’re going on sale. We think we have enough to meet demand so there might be a lead time at the start but they should not go out of stock.

That’s kind of where this started and then it turned into a new machine. It’s hard to limit the changes when you can do “one more thing” to make it better. We might give it another go though at some point.

Probably not at this point. We’d end up with connector adaptors, new enclosures so it would be kind of a hack.

Prox switch kits should be available before too long, I think we’re just waiting on the documentation to be finished.


Man oh man, you guys hit it out of the park with the new machines! Both are gorgeous!