Nomad 3 Stainless Steel

I am thinking about buying the Nomad 3d for a jewelry business. Will it be able to cut and engrave stainless steel precisely without me having to be very experienced. In other words will I be able to make jewelry within the first days of getting it.

Folks tend to just be up-and-running w/ Nomads.

For stainless steel the concern is the alloy and whether or no it work-hardens and machines well.

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@wmoy has you covered. This is on a Shapeoko, which is good for you since the Nomad 883 Pro available at the time of the video had a slower spindle RPM range. The Shapeoko matches your spindle speed better, so his machining recipes on this video should work for you.

That said it’s totally possible but you have to use knowledge and patience. Stainless is no joke to work with and improper feeds and speeds will kill an endmill FAST. So you’ll need the proper endmills and learning Fusion 360 is almost a requirement to use strategies that work best.


Engraving would be easier than cutting. Stainless would be pushing the machine a bit harder, so might not be the most easy thing to start out with.
Other metals might be a bit more forgiving. People have done things that have been pretty cool on the older (and a bit slower, but still capable Nomad 883 Pro).
Like copper:





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