Nomad 3 stopping in middle of a job

My Nomad 3 will stop in the middle of a job and ‘rest’. If I let it sit for a while I can hit the start button and it will resume where it stopped. Does it get overheated or what is going on??? When I feel various parts on the unit they are warm but no where near hot. Appreciate any help.

Did the door open?
Happens to me occasionally. Or dust pushes against the door and slightly opens it.

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I wondered if that was the problem (occurred three times while doing extensive pocketing- so a lot of dust). It did not recur after thorough vacuuming and blowing the dust out AND putting a clamp to hold the door shut, but, at that point, the ‘job’ had changed from pocketing to contouring, I wasn’t certain what did the trick. Appreciate your help. cjh

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