Nomad 3 X Axis block question

Let me know if that link doesn’t work. But that little white block for the X axis…just saw it moving during my cut. Normal??? Nomad 3. Brand new. Just cut plastic and aluminum, nothing crazy. Been very ginger with it. Just saw that and want to ask. Thanks!

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At this point the machine has only been around a few weeks, so only Carbide 3D can tell you. I recommend you reach out to and ask them.

Looking at the way it moves frame-by-frame, my guess is that this is part of the anti-backlash nut and that it’s moving because it’s attached to a spring separating it from its other half. Whether it moving this much or at all is a problem or not though, I don’t know.


Thank you! Yes that was my gut feel. Didn’t know if anyone else saw this or not. Thanks!

Qvist, mine has a black block and it does not move. There is a little clicking noise in my X direction but if I grab the head and try to move it, there is no play. I didn’t put an indicator on it as I don’t have a problem.



Thank you! Yes this was in the cut, so just seeing. It was going a circle ramp interpretation of a bore. 1/8” end mill in alum about 18k. I’m just hoping it’s ok.

Can you feel around the back of the leadnut while pushing/pulling on the carriage to see if the second half of the anti-backlash system is moving too? Wondering if something got loose…


Morning Winston! Here are two videos:

In the cut. 1:8” doing an adaptive pocket pretty light

Here is me this morning trying to video and move it. I feel the white block moving and the bolts not that hold it in. Feels like it’s not secure. If it should be

I flipped my phone and could see the bolts, I don’t have a metric mini allen set…so I will go out and get one. Let me know how tight I should go, the bolts are snug with the 7/64 I could fit in there…but not tight.

What size are those bolts? I can try tightening. Man it’s right back there. :slight_smile:



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