Nomad 3 - Y Axis Play

Last time I changed a cutter, I noticed a bit of play in my Y axis, as a bit of a “wiggle” while tightening the collet. Odd that I’ve not noticed it before, so I can’t be sure if it’s new, or has always been there. If I had to guess, it’s moving around 0.2-0.3 mm.

EDIT - the X axis seems to have a bit of play as well, so maybe it IS the collet.

Could this be play in the lead screws that I’ve just not noticed before? Or maybe the Y axis stepper isn’t energized when I see this, and it’s just some normal play? I will say that I’m machining some tight tolerance parts, and they seem to measure +/- 0.02mm consistently - as they always have.

TL;DR: My cutters wiggle in the X and Y directions, and it doesn’t seem like a good thing, even though it isn’t noticeably affecting my accuracy (yet).

Take the collet out of the equation — remove the collet and nut and grab the shaft of the router itself — does that shift? If it does, check the mount and the carriage/gantry. If not, check that the collet and nut are clean and being installed properly — if they are, then the bearings in the unit are bad. Let us know at and we’ll work this out.

I removed the collet and nut completely. If I try to wiggle the threaded shaft, I can feel it move, and click slightly as it hits side to side, and front to back. If I try to move the top of the shaft (near the belt pulleys) it doesn’t move at all.

The mounting block (around the spindle) and the gantry seem rigid. Not sure if there’s anything else to check here - the motion seems to be the spindle vs. its mounting block.

I wrote support a few weeks back when I thought the bearings sounded louder (after a few days of not running, so I’m not certain). But suspecting the bearings here seems reasonable. How can I confirm this, and how can I take them out and/or change them? Just open the mounting block with the two socket heat cap screws I can see on the front of the block that contains the spindle?

Also - is there an Amazon link to some bearings I can just order?

Deleting information on a Shapeoko which doesn’t apply to a Nomad.

OK thanks. Just to confirm - I’m using a Nomad3 system. Are these Shapoko posts referencing Makita routers still appropriate parts for my system?

No, information on the Shapeoko/Makita RT0701/Carbide Compact Router does not apply to the Nomad and its integrated spindle.

Please write in to and we’ll get this sorted out — just make sure to reiterate that you are working w/ a Nomad spindle — include some photos — so that the same mistake isn’t made.

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