Nomad 883 + Accessories For Sale - Bay Area - $1800

Hi everyone,

I’m moving between chapters in life. New job, moving across the country, the whole bit. Unfortunately that means I need to sell my Nomad. Asking $1800 for everything. I’ll deliver, too, if you live in the South Bay area.

It’s an original pre-ordered (post-kickstarter) machine with about 50 hours on it. Purchased in August of 2015, it’s seen about five projects total.

I had an established 3D printing business, and the Nomad was just supplemental, so actually didn’t use it as much as I thought I would.

I’ll work on getting a better list of included items, but for now see the below. I have a ton of accumulated stock materials and random tools I’ll include once I inventory them.

Nomad 883
MeshCAM software
A few wasteboards
Low profile vice
Flip Jig
Original box and packing materials
All originally included tools
Assorted end mills

Hardwood floor samples (small, 3"x5")
Assorted renshape
Assorted aluminum blocks
Assorted oak pieces
Plus more

Other tools:


Is this still available?

Yes, it’s still available!

Is this still available or did Jeff grab it back in June?