Nomad 883 and Universal GCode Sender

Anyone here using Universal GCode Sender with the Nomad on a regular basis?. Since upgrading to GRBL 1.1 I haven’t been able to get it to work properly. It connects fine and goes through the homing procedure perfect but then after that I collide with carriage ends like my GRBL dimensions are off. I have checked the settings and they seem to be ok. These are my settings:


Are you using a version of UGS which supports Grbl 1.1?

The comm protocol changed, so it requires explicit support from the comm / control program.

Hey @WillAdams. I am using the nightly build. That seems to be the problem. Downloaded the stable 1.0.9 version and it seems to be ok now. Will further test. Thank you very much.

UGS 1.0.9 doesn’t support any of the new GRBL 1.1 features and can’t interpret the new GRBL status reports.

What are you doing when your machine collide with carriage ends?
Is it in the positive or negative direction?
How are you setting work coordinates?

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I see. Why does it list 1.1 features on their website?. I start UGCS and click the homing button. Load any simple GCode and then it usually just slams into the carriage end. I think left side?. Can’t remember now. I set my work coordinates the same way I usually do in Fusion 360. Bottom left corner of stock.

I was pretty confident about releasing UGS 2.0 by end of year 2016 at one point and updated the website to reflect those features. Sorry for the confusion.

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@Winder No sweat. Thank you for your response. Good to now know. Just trying to experiment with alternatives to Carbide Motion. Would love the flexibility with probes and macros to automate repetitive tasks.