NOMAD 883 For Sale - Northern Virginia

NOMAD 883 For Sale
Model Number 883.1 (Bamboo)
Serial Number 00176
Purchased - March 2015

Price - $2,000 with pickup/deliver - Shipping/insurance will be $50.

Love this machine, however, I have access to a 4x8 Shop Sabre now, so am paring down to make the funds available for other purchases.

Machine is located in Northern Virginia. If you are somewhat close (Mid-Atlantic region), I can meet you somewhere or deliver it.


  • Nomad Flip Jig (See scratches in pictures from early use)
  • Nomad Vise
  • 1 Wasteboard (removed to use vise and flip jib)
  • 1/4" collet
  • One (1) 1/4" ball nose cutter
  • 6mm collet
  • stone cutting bit - 6mm (never used)
  • 1/8" collet
  • 7 - Miscellaneous (1/8") cutters
  • 10 - Set of (1/8") engraving cutters
  • 1 lb Blue Fixture Wax
  • 1 roll double sided adhesive tape
  • 1 Collet Wrench
  • 1 12mm Wrench
  • 2 - 1x2x3 Wax Blocks
  • 3 - 1x2x3 Synthetic Wood Blocks (from Carbide)
  • 1 - 1x3x5 Synthetic Wood Block (from Carbide)
  • 1 - USB Cable
  • 1 - MeshCam License (serial number)

If shipped will be shipped in original box

Reduced to $1800.00


Have you sold this yet?

Hey There RMH. It is still for sale. Sent you a PM

Hey! I’m interested as well.

I’m interested. Located in Orlando. PM me or email me if available:

If by chance everyone above me doesn’t come through, I’m interested as well.

This is still for sale… Hit me up with PM


Any chance you are willing to sell all your accessories and tools you have left. If so let me know and give me a price. I’ll even get ups to pick up the items on my own account.

Pm me with a price if so.


Am looking to sell everything together, as it is a pretty good deal for everything included.


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Hey, is this payment through PayPal?

Which shipping carrier will ship this for $50?

Yes payment through Paypal, unless local pickup.

UPS will be used for shipping in original shipping box.


Just to let everybody know, I just bought this. Pretty excited!