Nomad 883 low profile vise

(Jimmie Todd) #1

Since the carbide 3D store is it of stock of the low profile vise, are there any similar options of good quality? A search through the community here had a few, but seemed too small.


(Adam X) #2

I’ve been meaning to make up one of these for a while:
Should scale up or down pretty well and be pretty easy to machine and equip with hardware-store bits (tap, bolts, threaded rod).

(Phil Gorsuch) #3

Ooh like that - a modified stick vise if you can mount it right on the table would give an extra 1/4 inch or so of Z on the Nomad. Every bit counts (or so it always seems for my projects). Please share if you do it!

(Anne Autsolief) #4

If you’re interested, I was able to get the low profile vise from They are still showing “in stock” on their website. Here’s the link to the vise.

(Jimmie Todd) #5

Annea, thanks for the heads up. I just placed my order!

(Jimmie Todd) #6

I checked out a stick vise. I may end up getting one of those for other applications. Not sure if this will work for me on my current project however.


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