Nomad 883 Pro Bamboo for Sale Never Used $2,761 value Boston, MA

Nomad 883 Pro Bamboo was delivered New in 2017. The engraver has never been used and only removed from packaging to take pictures. Everthing included values $2,761.

  • Nomad 883 Pro Bamboo includes
    3x- .032" ballnose bit
    1x- .125 square end bit
    1x- .125 ballnose bit
  • low profile vise, with hardware
  • threaded table, with hardware
  • wasteboard, with hardware
  • blue fixture wax ( high strength )
  • spindle wrench
  • collet wrench
  • doublesided adhesive tape

asking $2,000 + shhipping. Located in Boston, MA area. Would be willing to drop off or meet half way depending on location.

  • Chris C


Is your Nomad still available?


Is this still available?

I’m interested in buying this, if available.

Please send a text message to me, in area code 814. To get my phone number, add the Nomad model number to this number: 2078131.

Hi Chris, is the Nomad still available?


Def willing to buy it and pick it up tomorrow

Is the Nomad Still available?

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