Nomad 883 Pro - Bed Alignment


I’m a new owner of a Nomad 883 and relatively new to CNC milling so I hope the community can help answer what I hope is a simple question.

After an initial failed attempt at milling a flip-slide print (~ 0.5 mm misalignment on one axis, less than 0.1 on the other) , the finished piece suggested a slight misalignment. While I’m not using the low profile jig, I did use pilot holes drilled into the MDF. I therefore removed the MDF bed and took measurements at 1mm in from each of the rapid movement points (1-13 (except 7) below).

I have about a 0.2 mm difference between corners (3) and (11). There also seems to be a slight tilt downwards toward edge 1-6-11. An answer to another forum post suggests that it’s not possible to adjust the height of the bed so I’d appreciate some input on:

Q. What’s the expected tolerance of the bed. 0.2mm seems a little high to me? Is this normal? Q. While I’m sure the bed is completely flat, I suspect the misalignment was introduced when attaching the rails. What’s the recommended way to tweak this? Placing a piece of paper or a shim under the low sections? I can of course mill the mdf board and that solves the problem to some degree, but I have the threaded bed so need a solution that will work for that too.

Thanks in advance for your help.


1 2 3

6 7 8

11 12 13

1 -39.07
2 -38.95
3 -38.98

6 -39.17
7 -39.01
8 39.02

11 -39.17
12 -39.03
13 -39.04

Have you tried to mill the MDF scrap board leveled?

Thank you for the suggestion Gus. I know that milling the MDF will give me a perfectly flat surface, but it will not fix the problem when I’m using the the optional threaded bed. I could mill a thin section of waste board on top of the bed I guess … I’m still interested if understanding if it above variations in surface high are expected.

I think you might want to contact C3D support on this one. That seems like an unusually large discrepancy. @ApolloCrowe and @Jorge will sort you out in no time.

This thread is from a while ago, and was for a Nomad Classic, but perhaps it’s something similar:

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Thanks for the suggestion Joshua. I wanted to hear the feedback from the community first before raising a support ticket. It’s time to do that now. Cheers.

Yes, please contact support.