Nomad 883 Pro for sale **PRICE DROP**

Nomad883 Pro HDPE for sale in Phoenix, Arizona about 5 total hrs of use. New Baby forces sale.
comes with…
Low Profile Vice
Flip Jig
Threaded Table
$2000.00 Price drop to 1,800.00

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Hey there, would you be interested in selling your accessories? I’d love to pick them up. $200? + shipping

No Thank you. If it doesn’t sell i will need them.

very new to the 3d milling world and this forum. Anyway, I’m interested, any idea what shipping charges would be to Kansas, 67502? Wasn’t exactly planning on buying one yet but hadn’t looked at used options either. Would you consider closer to 1600? With a new kiddo I understand if its a no. You mention about 5 hours of use. What materials did you work with?


I would have to stay firm on $18, I told myself I would deff keep it if it doesn’t sell for that. I have only cut wood with it, mostly (oak) and that being skateboard decks. As far as shipping, if you decided to buy it I would ship on my dime. i would ship in its origional box and how Carbide ships with braces. I would also send what bits i have for it.

understand staying firm on 18. Unfortunately life has chosen to remind me it’s not fair. just got notified that insurance kicked back two claims as “not covered under this plan year”. so for the moment that is where my tax refund is going instead of this. If I can get this worked out while it’s still for sale i’ll try again. Thanks for the quick reply and sorry to inquire and back out the same day. Best of luck.

Chad, no worries! Trust me I understand! Good luck.

Hi Brian, I’m in Gilbert AZ, how can I reach you?

My cell is 623-764-#### You can call me anytime Don.

Hey @BrianK,

I know you posted this a long while back, but do you have still have the unit or know of one for sale…?


Hi ! Do you ship to Mexico? I take care of the shipping cost.