Nomad 883 Pro for sale (Seattle)

Selling my Nomad CNC desktop mill.

This has been an awesome little desktop mill, great for learning CNC, hobby projects, prototyping. It’s been very accurate, cuts through wood projects like butter and I’ve milled some small aluminum and titanium parts with it as well. Includes all the accessories: threaded table, vise, flip jig and I also modified it with an air jet for chip evacuation and cooling when milling aluminum. I’m moving on to other projects and unfortunately need to make room in my shop. Brand new this machine including all accessories would be $3000. Asking $1950 OBO.

Are you willing to ship this and if so what would that cost to zip code 52310?

What kind of air setup do you have? I would also like to have some sort of air blower for chip evac, what hardware/ psi are you running? how well did it run with aluminum?

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